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August 31 2017

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November 20 2011

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September 11 2011

July 13 2011

Chińskie przysłowie: Pies, który szczeka, jest niedogotowany.
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May 10 2011

April 28 2011

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Shared for the graphic alone. It’s a huge fan! Because there are Asian people up in there!

Fans = Asians! You could have also used:

  • rice!
  • chopsticks!
  • elephants!
  • Buddha!
  • Chinese character tattoo!

Also, how could Complex have left out Pink Lady and Jeff?

Asian Invasion: A History of TV Shows with Multiple Asian Stars | Complex Blog

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April 15 2011

Art Project of the Day

Art Project of the Day: Mid-length dress made from porcelain fragments of traditional chinese ceramics (AKA fine china) by Beijing-based artist Li Xiaofeng.
Part of a larger set.

Art Project of the Day: Mid-length dress made from porcelain fragments of traditional chinese ceramics (AKA fine china) by Beijing-based artist Li Xiaofeng.

Part of a larger set.

The Daily What
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Photograph by el_crater, Chongqing, China.

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Why We Fight - The Battle of China (1944) - Full Movie
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Garden in China by KoolPix :)

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Wandering in China Town, San Francisco.
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[must read for research - it’s not on kindle and I cant’ find a pdf online anywhere. Order this book and bring it with me to China if it’s not online by January. - tricia]

How has the Internet, a medium that thrives on control, been accepted as a medium of freedom? Why is freedom increasingly indistinguishable from paranoid control? In Control and Freedom, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun explores the current political and technological coupling of freedom with control by tracing the emergence of the Internet as a mass medium. The parallel (and paranoid) myths of the Internet as total freedom/total control, she says, stem from our reduction of political problems into technological ones. Drawing on the theories of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault and analyzing such phenomena as Webcams and face-recognition technology, Chun argues that the relationship between control and freedom in networked contact is experienced and negotiated through sexuality and race. She traces the desire for cyberspace to cyberpunk fiction and maps the transformation of public/private into open/closed. Analyzing “pornocracy,” she contends that it was through cyberporn and the government’s attempts to regulate it that the Internet became a marketplace of ideas and commodities. Chun describes the way Internet promoters conflated technological empowerment with racial empowerment and, through close examinations of William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell, she analyzes the management of interactivity in narratives of cyberspace. The Internet’s potential for democracy stems not from illusory promises of individual empowerment, Chun argues, but rather from the ways in which it exposes us to others (and to other machines) in ways we cannot control. Using fiber optic networks—light coursing through glass tubes—as metaphor and reality, Control and Freedom engages the rich philosophical tradition of light as a figure for knowledge, clarification, surveillance, and discipline, in order to argue that fiber-optic networks physically instantiate, and thus shatter, enlightenment. (via Control and Freedom: Power and … - Google Books


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Expo 2010 Shanghai China上海世博会_15
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Giant Panda 3D. Children of North East China and Pakistan. Pray for all ...
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Expo 2010 Shanghai China上海世博会_Huangpu River3
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Harbin (China) Ice Festival.
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